Converse Chuck Taylor Cake

I got a text from my husband asking if I could make a Chuck Taylor cake. I had been wanting to make a pair of Chucks for some time now, so I was pretty excited… but when he told me it would be for our friend, Tommy, I was honored as well. Tommy was turning 63 (Or $49.95 + tax… as his new shirt says!) and he rocks one of his many different Cons every day!

I used to wear some Chuck Taylor Cons, myself… back when flannel shirts were just as plentiful as the steps leading to the dining hall at Pathfinder Lodge (the summer camp I worked at). This cake had me feeling nostalgic and missing my days with my Pathfinder friends-a good number of which sported a pair of Chucks back then (and even still today*).

I put a lot of love into these Converse sneakers! I had mimicked the stitching details, the textured rubber, the Chuck Taylor signature, and the canvas of the uppers! Attention to detail!!

Tommy was very surprised  upon arriving at the party and he was blown away by the cake. It seemed to be a big hit with everyone.

Even Johnny sat down and stuck some foot in his mouth! 

Tommy loved the cake so much that he didn’t want to cut into the sneakers. He said it was sacrilegious. We finally convinced him that the cake was meant to be eaten… but he did save a sneaker first! He said he was going to freeze it… so that when he dies, the sneaker can be buried with him! What a nut. Gotta love him! And that we do, Tommy, that we do. Happy Birthday!

*I would probably still be wearing some Chucks today if I didn’t have such high arches in my feet and such a bad back. I miss my Chucks and my Pathfinder friends! Ahhh the memories!!!

“A lifetime’s not too long… to live as friends” ~Michael W. Smith


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  1. BettyAnn Zyla Said:

    Hi Kristen,

    I absolutely love seeing your cakes…now that Kate should be moving back to NY….you’ll have to get together as she loves to do cakes also.

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