My first truck

I may have been a tomboy growing up… but I never did play with trucks, and I definitely can’t look at a car and tell you what kind it is. So, when asked to make a cake to look like a 1977 F-250, I was a little hesitant. I didn’t have any pictures to go by. I googled it, but there weren’t too many options for photos to look at. I wasn’t completely happy with how the truck came out; but for it being my first truck, and not having a photo to go by, I thought I did okay.

Allen was turning 18 and his grandmother wanted to surprise him with a special cake for his birthday. She was sure she wanted his truck on the cake (said 1977 F-250); but other than that, it was up to me. Ever since he was a little boy, Allen has wanted to go into the service. He is now contemplating either going into the Marines or the Army after graduation; so I put both stickers in the back window of the truck.

SARGE is Allen’s nickname, so of course that’s what the license plates read. 

His younger brother sent me a couple of pictures of Allen’s dog so I could add his beagle to the cake. 

I also incorporated his love of fishing by putting a camo tackle box in the back of the truck.

Happy Birthday Allen! You have turned out to be quite the admirable young man. You have found ways to shrug off life’s unpleasant moments and hold your head up high. I, for one, am very proud of you!


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