Anyone Up For A Swim?

Who’s up for a swim? Henry is!! Henry was turning 6 and the only thing he wanted was to be able to swim! An honorary SHARK since he was in the womb, Henry loves to swim; and he wanted his friends to swim with him for his birthday party.

When asked to make Henry’s cake and cupcakes, the only direction I was given was “swimming”. I like a blank slate! It gives me space to use my creativity!! I was really excited about this cake because it gave me the chance to complete 2 firsts… my first figures and my first time using my new Cricut Cake cutting tool! I also tried out a couple of my newest flavors for this party… The cupcakes were either Root Beer Float (root beer cupcakes, filled with root beer cream, topped with vanilla frosting & crushed root beer candies), Orange Creamsicle (orange cupcakes, filled with orange cream, topped with vanilla frosting & crushed orange candies), or Plain Jane (vanilla cupcake, filled with vanilla frosting, with vanilla frosting & topped with white sugar crystals). Each cupcake was topped with a gum paste ‘wave’ as well. The cake was a white cake with vanilla frosting and white fondant to make the pool and tiles. Decorations were both fondant and gum paste.

Henry’s party was a big success! All the kids had fun swimming and there were plenty of life guards and swim buddies around to keep a watchful eye. Henry’s mom thought of everything-right down to the non-swimmers of the bunch!

The cake and cupcakes were a big hit, too! The kids had fun guessing who each one of the figures were and the adults couldn’t believe it was all edible-right down to the life-preserver and flip flops!

Happy Birthday Henry!



  1. Sharon Said:

    WOW! You did a great job on Henry’s cake! Deb sent me a link to it. I can’t believe how terrific it looks. And according to all reports, it was delicious too!

    I have a toddler… I definitely know who to call when he’s ready for birthday parties (my cakes aren’t quite as inspired!)

    (Nice to meet another blogger in the area too)

  2.’s done it again. Great post.

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