Root Beer Float Cupcakes

I had a feeling of nostalgia today when I created a new cupcake flavor. I was thinking about my childhood days and our visits to Great Aunt Gert’s house. She would ALWAYS have Stewarts’ sodas in the 1 litre glass bottles … and if she didn’t, you could bet that she would send Great Uncle Harold down the street to get them! These bottles came in a red plastic carton with a handle and you would get 25 cents a piece when you returned the bottles! Aunt Gert would make us all floats… sometimes coke floats; but my favorite was the root beer float! Just thinking about them gave me quite a craving! I knew I just had to ‘bottle up’ that flavor and put it into a cake! And I did just that! I used soda and also root beer extract and came up with some really tasty cupcakes! I couldn’t stop there, though! The part of the root beer float that I liked the best was that root beer flavored foam at the top of the glass!! I had to capture that as well! I made a root beer flavored whipped cream and filled my root beer cupcakes with them. I frosted them with a vanilla frosting and added a pinch of crushed root beer candies! For me, these root beer float cupcakes brought back a lot of good memories! I thought I had something really original… and then I did a search and found that the idea of a root beer or root beer float cake was nothing new. However, this exact recipe IS new… and I, for one, love it!!! Can’t wait to share them so that everyone can step back in time with me!!


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