The Sparkliest Birthday Cake Ever!

I made a small splurge when at the party store this last time and I picked up some edible glitter. I figured I’d give it a try, for what little girl doesn’t love sparkles? Miss Mollie was the first little girl to have a birthday cake adorned with such sparkles! Edible glitter (especially the white “rainbow” kind) can be so pretty on a cake… but the clean up is a PAIN! lol. As with regular craft glitter, no matter how well you clean it up, you are always going to find some lingering behind! My counter, my floor, my hands… and anything that came in contact with the three… were full of glitter! I’m still finding glitter here and there almost a week later. BUT… it certainly made the cake sparkly!

The cake itself was a chocolate cake with a vanilla frosting. I piped little flowers and used sugar pearls for the centers and then covered the whole cake with glitter. I made roses out of fruity candy chews and dipped them in the glitter as well. After I was done, it was the ‘sparkliest birthday cake ever’!

Here is a picture of the kids enjoying their sparkly cake; which was sent with the following testimonial: “They loved the cake. And my favorite thing about your cakes is that they also are as delicious as they are beautiful.”  ~ETB

Happy Birthday, Mollie!


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