Pure Indulgence

I have a friend who has a lot on her plate lately; she’s kept very busy with her young family at all times. Her birthday came and I wanted to make her something really rich… really decadent… so that she could just take one night to put her feet up and simply indulge!! I thought about all the different recipes I have and wondered what the most indulgent one would be. Well, there are too many to count! lol. So then I thought more about my friend and what would make her taste buds smile. Then it hit me! PEANUT BUTTER!! You see, her son has food allergies and they don’t even keep peanut butter in the house! What could be more indulgent than peanut butter for someone who hasn’t had it for years?!!?

I made a chocolate mayonnaise cake and peanut butter frosting ‘dough’ and lined the sides and bottom of my loaf pan. Then, I took a half batch of the best Peanut Butter Ball candy recipe I have ever had and loaded the inside of the loaf pan. When I couldn’t fit any more, I topped it with some more cake ‘dough’, wrapped it with plastic wrap, and froze it. After it was solid, I un-molded it and covered it with melted chocolate. I then warmed up some peanut butter and drizzled it over the top! Mmmm, heavenly!

Happy Birthday, Molly! I hope you did get to put your feet up and enjoy your pure indulgence!!


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