Splish Splash!

Little Macon turned ONE today!! When his mom asked me to do some cupcakes for his first birthday, she told me she was going for a rubber ducky theme. She liked these rubber ducky candles she had seen and was going to order them for the cupcakes. When she showed me the picture, I knew why she just had to have them! They were so cute! The picture she sent me had the ducky in a “bath” with “bubbles” around him.

I did my take on that idea with the fondant bubbles (that was a whole lot of bubbles to roll!!) and used her duck candles and picks. For Macon’s cake, I used a white ceramic dish as a bathtub and loaded it up with bubbles. I topped his cake off with a larger rubber ducky I found that was made of candy. Come to find out, Macon’s mom had found the same candy rubber duckies and bought the store out of them for party favors!

The duckies looked quite adorable in their bubble baths, but I couldn’t stop there! I “tiled” the “bathroom floor” with green and white fondant/gum paste “tiles”. I added a dark blue shag “rug/bath mat”, a blue “towel” (that said “HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY MACON!”), and a yellow bar of “soap”! When the party was all set up, it was  fully coordinated  with the rubber ducky theme… and Macon… was one LUCKY DUCKY!



  1. Cricket Said:

    What a fun B’day cake for a 1 year old. Great Job!

  2. dianne Said:

    this cake is so adorable

  3. Pam Said:

    Wow! You have the best ideas. I really enjoy you seeing your creative deserts.

  4. Kelly Said:

    This is amazing! You are so talented. If I still lived in NY I would order cakes from you.

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