To quote one of our favorite books: “Pink!” I said. “Pink, pink, pink!”. “More!” I cried. “More, more, more!”. I was asked to do a cake for a “Pink Princess Dance Party” and I was inspired by the book Pinkalicious. I wanted everything to be pink… and the more pink the better! Now, anyone that knows me (I mean, really KNOWS me), knows that I HATE pink!! However, I enjoy the book so much that I just had to use a lot of pink! I made a small

pink cake with pink frosting, pink trim, pink roses, and a pink tiara. I also made pink cupcakes with pink frosting, pink trim, and pink Runts candy hearts. I used metallic pink “Easter grass” as filler for the cupcake tree and sewed a pink paper heart with sheer pink trim that said “Happy Birthday Princess Giana!” It was pink overload! Maybe if the guests at the dance party ate enough dessert, they would have hair “the color of raspberry sorbet” in the morning! After all, it’s not my job as the baker to feed them “a steady diet of green food”! lol.

To find out more about the book Pinkalicious, click on this link:


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