Baby Chalupa

This cake was done for a baby shower thrown for a woman by her co-workers. I was asked to put the unborn baby’s nickname on the cake… “Chalupa” ! This Taco Bell reference was made because that’s where the mother learned she had a baby on the way!

On the top of the cake, I made a onesie with matching bib, hat, and socks. On the sides, I made a clothesline that went all the way around the cake. Above the grass were tiny little baby clothes hung on the line… onesies, bibs, sweaters, pants, socks, shirts… all made out of fondant and taffy! I even made a sock “fall” on the grass, leaving the empty clothes pin on the line. These details took a lot of time, but it was a lot of fun, too! My best wishes to Baby Chalupa and his family!


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