Butterflies for Baby Talbot


Inspired by the textured butterflies on the invitation, this baby shower cake is full of texture!


Congratulations Jess & Mike! We can’t wait to meet Baby Girl Talbot!


A Dozen Pies for the Native Sons

Peeling and slicing.


Tossing and spicing.


Dough rolling, filling, syruping, top crusting.



GetAttachment (2)

1 Dozen apple pies for the Native Sons’ birthday dinner.


Sail Away!

“Come sail away, come sail away, come sail away with me”

I made these cute sail boat cupcakes for a little guy’s 2nd birthday!


The blue camo cupcake wrappers worked perfectly with the frosting waves and gum paste sail boats.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Little Man!

Purple Ombre Ruffle Cake

For this cake, I was given one word…


So I ran with it!

Here’s the pretty purple cake I made for a friend’s 5oth birthday:

140523_0005 (1)

Happy Birthday, Sue! May your next 50+ years be just as good, if not better, than the first 50!


Hairspray cake


Cherry Valley-Springfield Central School did a production of Hairspray the musical this weekend. I made this cake and they auctioned it off Saturday night. The white faced gal with the blue hair and pink bow is what is pictured on the playbill. If you are familiar with the musical, you know that Ultra Clutch hairspray is the sponsor of the dance competition on the Corny Collins Show. For those of you who are not familiar with the musical, you should watch it! I once watched the original version and there were some songs and scenes cut from it in the more recent version, where John Travolta plays Tracy’s mom; so watch them both and decide which one you like best! In the musical, Tracy takes a stand against segregation and encourages those around her to stand with her. She is eventually successful in breaking out and breaking down the barriers on the Corny Collins Show, where she dances her way into everyone’s heart.

I took my girls to see the show this weekend, as they love musicals as much as I do! Jared Tracy, as Edna, made the show, in my ‘unbiased’ opinion! Hilarious! Congratulations on a job well done!

Happy Birthday, American Legion


Cooperstown’s American Legion is celebrating their birthday today!


A nice corned beef and cabbage dinner was planned and I was asked to make their dessert. A half & half cake… that is half vanilla/half chocolate cake. This one has buttercream frosting and fondant decorations.

(The smiley face was completely unintentional and was not even noticeable until the picture was taken from this distance. Que Sera, Sera!)

Happy Birthday, American Legion! Thank you all for your service!

60th Anniversary



60th Anniversary cake-vanilla cake, chocolate cake, vanilla buttercream, and silver fondant hearts.

Happy Anniversary to the happy couple!

Who says you can’t use Christmas cookie cutters year round?


What do you see when you look at this cookie cutter? A Santa face complete with hat? Sure. Most people can see that… but Angie ( www.bakerella.com ) saw something else. Something really cute! Let me turn it on it’s side and see if you can guess…


Do you see it now? …………..No?


How about now? With my daughter doing a report on whales, we thought this was the perfect valentine for her to take in! And Angie even provided the PDF for the cards! Thanks, Angie! The cookie cutter I found, had a pointy Santa beard; but I am lucky enough to have a tin knocker for a dad! He was able to reshape the cookie cutter a little (so that the whale’s face was rounded and I didn’t have to cut off and move the top ‘brim’ of the hat to form the spray); but if you aren’t so lucky, you can follow the instructions on Angie’s website www.bakerella.com .

Unfortunately, our school had a snow day today and are off for Winter Break all next week…. so in the freezer they go! Hoping to thaw these 4 dozen cookies the day before school begins again-without the Royal Icing becoming a disaster! Cross your fingers!

Sweet Cupcake Mailbox for Valentines

For my 1st Grader’s February’s family project, we had to make a mailbox to hold her Valentine cards at school.  So what do you think this baking family came up with?

cupcake mailbox (2)

A sweet cupcake mailbox, of course!

Let Your Senses Rise

Part of the reason I enjoy baking is it wakes up all of the senses! Of course there is the most obvious, taste-it’s got to taste amazing. Then there is sight-if you don’t make it look good, who is going to even try it? The sense of smell is also quite normal to think about when you bake. Then there is touch-the feel of the different textures in your mouth-the chewy, crispy, crunchy, creamy… The last one, the one that most people wouldn’t think about, is sound-but the whirr of the mixer is often the first clue that something good is about to happen in the kitchen (and of course there is the “MMMMMMM” that you hear)!

This day in the kitchen, my senses started rising with the yeast! Both of the very different items I made this day began with yeast.


The smell of yeast as it bubbles… sniiiiiifffff, ahhhhh. Senses awaken.


And rise. The smell of onion bagels is great no matter where you are in the process.


How is this for touch? The purpose of the corn meal may be to prevent the dough from sticking, but it leaves such a great texture to English muffins.


Crisping up the outside of these muffins, my mouth was already watering thinking of the butter soaking into the nooks and crannies … or the egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches I would be enjoying. Aside from the whirr of the mixer, the crispy crust on the muffins against the hot pan were a welcome sound as well.


How are these for sight?


And I’m sure you can imagine how awesome they both tasted!

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